Anti-wrinkle Marine-derived Active from Lipotec

Lipotec has introduced a marine-derived active that reduces the appearance of aging. Seacode (INCI: Not Provided), which joins the company's Biointec line of biotechnology derived actives, enhances the synthesis of essential dermal proteins such as collagen I to increase firmness and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The active contains extracellular polymeric substances (ECPS) that have been bioprocessed from Pseudoalteromonas bacteria. Bacteria, algae and fungi inhabiting extreme marine ecosystems (e.g. Antarctica or intertidal rocky shores) have the potential to synthesize and secrete numerous functional ECPS in response to environmental stress, with potential cosmetics benefits.

To test the active's efficacy in vivo, it was incorporated into a cream at 2% and applied to volunteers. Results show a 16.5% and 25.1% reduction of the skin roughness above the upper lip after one and four weeks, respectively. The active is recommended in rejuvanating skin formulations for all ages and skin types.

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