Anti-aging Active With Luminotherapy-like Effects

Silab has introduced an anti-aging active that synchronizes skin in a similar way to luminotherapy (light therapy) with lindera oligo-alpha-glucans. Circagenyl (INCI: Lindera Strychnifolia Root Extract) restores the expression of the CLOCK circadian gene, stimulates dermal metabolism and boosts the benefits provided by luminotherapy.

Lack of light, stress and aging cause the human internal biological clock to become desynchronized, according to the company, This results in dryness, dullness and wrinkles. Luminotherapy has been recognized for regulating the biological clock to ensure skin homeostasis.

The active, when used as an alternative or in combination with luminotherapy, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, brightens and hydrates the skin for a more youthful appearance.

At 1%, the active stimulates the expression of the CLOCK gene to limit the desynchronization of the circadian clock by human fibroblasts by 26% eight hours after desynchronizing stress and by 29% after 24 hours of the same stress. This effect was comparable to that obtained with luminotherapy treatment; however, when combined with luminotherapy treatment, the effect is boosted to limit the desynchronization by 37% after 24 hours.

At 3%, the active provided a similar effect to luminotherapy when applied twice daily. It improved skin elasticity 8.9%, tone 7.7%, hydration 12.5%, smoothness 6.9%, transparency 9.3% and radiance10% in comparison to luminotherapy's 7.4%, 6.9%, 12.2%, 4.3%, 7.7% and 9.3% for the same benefits.

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