Hibiscus cannabinus L. Plus α–Tocopherol to Boost Stability, Antioxidant Activity


Researchers at UCSI University in Kuala Lumpur have identified the antioxidant activity and stability of Hibiscus cannabinus L. (kenaf) seed oil with α-tocopherol. Their work will be published in an upcoming Industrial Crops and Products.

According to the article abstract, the researchers sought to improve the stability of formulations containing vitamin E (α-tocopherol) by incorporating kenaf seed oil. Gel-cream formulations were prepared by high shear homogenization and assessed for stability, viscosity and antioxidant activity.

The formula with the highest level (9%) of kenaf seed oil showed the best stability and viscosity, and high antioxidant activities. It also acted as a safe and stable emulsion delivery system for α-tocopherol against degradation. For 12 weeks of storage at 25 ± 2°C and 40 ± 2°C, this formula showed good microbial stability with only mild depletion of tocopherol content.

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