Activating Autophagy for Skin Youth with Rahn's Reforcyl-Aion


Autophagy is a natural cellular cleanup process in the body whereby degradation products are enveloped by vesicles, enzymatically upcycled and reused. Rahn's Reforcyl-Aion (INCI: Not Provided) is designed to rejuvenate impaired autophagy in the skin.

According to the company, the ingredient's support of this natural process revives and purifies the skin by activating key activities: Golgi vesicle formation, mitochondrial fitness and LC3 gene upregulation. Reforcyl-Aion reportedly triggers vesicle formation by disassembly of the Golgi apparatus. It maintains mitochondrial health and promotes their fusion to form an energy-rich network. It also upregulates the LC3 gene, responsible for fusion with lysosome, the enzymatic waste degradation system. 

Clinical studies have shown that activating this cellular "spring cleaning" markedly improves skin tone and leads to smooth, redensified skin. The ingredient is upcycled from pumpkins sourced in Styria, a region in Austria. Its carbon neutral design conforms to the principles of a circular economy and provides for a holistic upcycling concept for "the skin, soul and our planet."

For more information, contact Rahn AG or visit booth N70 at in-cosmetics.

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