Stable and Able Ascorbic Acid


Anti-aging, skin whitening and brightening, and antioxidant effects are at the core of a new ascorbic acid launched by Nanovetores Group in Brazil.

According to the company, the human body needs safe, effective and ideal nutrients to nourish outer beauty. The "Age-Agnostic" generation is living longer and taking better care of its health, appearance and well-being. 

As such, Nanovetores, with expertise in nano- and micro-encapsulation technologies, developed its NV Ascorbic Acid. While today's market offers several vitamin C derivatives, this pure, highly effective and stabilized ascorbic acid is said to deliver improved effectiveness and permeation.

Skin care benefits include:

  • Depigmentation/skin whitening effects;
  • Reduced expression lines;
  • Evenness of skin tone;
  • Antioxidant properties;
  • Stimulation of collagen synthesis;
  • Improved skin texture and firmness; and
  • Promotion of hydration.

For more information, contact the Nanovetores Group.

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