Pterostilbene Skin Lightener and Antioxidant

Sabinsa has introduced a skin care active based on pterostilbene that is said to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and skin-lightening properties. pTeroWhite (INCI: Not Provided) is extracted from sustainably grown dried heartwood of Pterocarpus marsupium (Kino tree of India).

Pterostilbene is a close cousin and structural analog of resveratrol that was found recently to increase sirtuin 1 activity 13-fold, with potentially beneficial effects in healthy aging and life span. In comparison to resveratrol, pterostilbene reported is better absorbed, and more biologically active; is chemically and metabolically more stable and confers intended benefits without undergoing extensive metabolism as resveratrol;  is more effective in inhibiting cell membranes against lipid peroxidation; better reduces anti-inflammatory markers such as NFκB, iNOS and as a selective inhibitor of COX-2; and offers 5-10 times more powerful antimicrobial benefits.

In addition, the pterostilbene active is said to be more effective in inhibiting pro-inflammatory enzymes in vitro. In addition, the company found it more effective then resveratrol in inhibiting melanogenesis and supporting skin tone lightening and dyschromia management. It was also found to effectively protects the skin from damage by UV radiation.

The active is recommended at 0.1–0.5% w/w in skin care, sun care and after-sun care. The product is also available in synthetic versions.

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