Argan Dermal Stem Cell Regeneration

Mibelle Biochemistry has launched an active based on argan stem cells that was created to vitalize and protect dermal stem cells for an anti-aging effect on skin. PhytoCellTec Argan (INCI: Argania Spinosa Sprout Cell Extract (and) Isomalt (and) Lecithin (and) Sodium Benzoate (and) Water (aqua)) is said to fight wrinkles and loss of firmness.

According to the company, cutaneous tissues are subject to a continuous regeneration process and the ability of adult stem cells to self-renew and generate fast proliferating progenitor cells is imperative for tissue regeneration. These dermal stem cells were reportedly discovered in the papilla of the hair bulb and found to self-renew to induce the formation of hair follicles and migrate into the inter-follicular dermis. There, they proliferate and differentiate to fibroblasts, which regenerate the extracellular matrix.

In 2010, the company established an Sox2-positive human dermal papilla cell culture as a new test system designed to evaluate active ingredients for dermal stem cell vitalization. The established cell culture was found to effectively form sphere-like colonies and the cells in those spheres were found to be uniformly Sox2-labelled, thus representing real dermal stem cells. The company used this test to test the argan active and found it to enhance Sox2 expression and thus to improve ”stemness.” The number of secondary spheres was increased after treatment with the active. Consequently, the argan active reportedly is the first cosmetic active that is capable of both protecting and vitalizing human dermal stem cells.

The argan active, in turn, was found to vitalize and protect these dermal stem cells, enabling them to maintain their regenerating potential to reinforce youthfulness. The ingredient therefore is designed to accelerate the skin’s natural repair process.

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