Active Developed to Reduce Hair Diameter and Growth

Sederma has designed an active that minimizes both facial and underarm hair growth by refining the hair diameter and regulating the production of inflammatory mediators known to stimulate hair growth. Kelisoft (INCI: Not Provided) is designed to reduce hair diameter so that it is less visible, and allowing individuals to shave less often. In addition, the product reportedly has anti-inflammatory properties to provide an immediate soothing sensation after hair removal.

The active contains a highly purified natural plant molecule that regulates the production of inflammatory mediators PGE2, IL8 and VEGF, which are known to stimulate hair growth and produce the burning feeling after shaving. According to the company, 3% of the active applied in a roll-on formulation under the arms of 20 female volunteers twice daily for two months produced finer hair with slowed growth rates.

Researchers also applied 4% of the active in a gel-cream formulation once daily for two months on the thick, dark beard of male volunteers, and found the active to reduce hair growth and provide a soothing sensation after shaving. According to the company, the growth of the volunteers' five o'clock shadow was delayed by three hours by application of the active.

The active is specifically designed for deodorant applications and is available in an oil-soluble form.

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