Organic Antimicrobials for Acne and Dandruff

Beraca has added two antimicrobial systems to its Active Performance Systems line, one for skin care and one for hair care. Both Beracare AAA (Anti-acne Active System Organic) and Beracare ADA (Anti-dandruff Active System Organic) are recommended at 1.5% in formulations.

Beracare AAA (INCI: Not Provided) is a combination of copaiba, açai and andiroba, which posess beta-caryophyllene, flavonoids and limonoids. According to the company, this anti-acne system moisturizes the skin to treat acne without drying. The system is said to restore the balance between hydration and sebum production in skin; in addition, it reportedly kills bacteria, thereby reducing acne activity. The company also finds the system to improve the health of oily skin. It is Ecocert approved; therefore, it can be formulated into natural products. The company recommends the system for creams, lotions, serums and gels.

Beracare ADA (INCI: Not Provided) is a combination of omega 6, flavonoids, gamma-oryzanol and middle-chain fatty acids that serves as an antiseborrheic and improves the health of oily hair. According to the company, this system also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended for formulation into shampoos, conditioners and masks. Similar to Beracare AAA, Beracare ADA is also Ecocert certified for natural formulations.

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