Punicic Acid and Tyrosol Cellulite Treatment


Solabia will introduce a cellulite-fighting derivative of pomegranate to the US market at the 2010 NYSCC Suppliers' Day. Delipidol (INCI: Tyrosyl Punicate) is designed to decrease the orange peel appearance and protect against cellulite progression. The molecule in the active was obtained from punicic acid, an omega 5 fatty acid of pomegranate seed oil, through a biotechnological process without the use of solvents. Punicic acid was chosen for its ability to reduce lipidic accumulation while serving antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.This material was then combined with tyrosol, which was similarly chosen for its antioxidant effects.

According to the company, 1% of the active was shown in an ex vivo study on human skin explants to decrease adipocyte size by 7.5% in comparison to a placebo. The company also reported that the active showed lipolytic activity superior to pomegranate seed oil. In addition, the company conducted an in vivo, double blind study on 19 volunteers and found that twice daily application to the thighs of a cream containing 1% of the active resulted in a 4% decrease of fat nodes after 28 days of treatment, and a 9% decrease of fat nodes after 56 days of treatment, in comparison with a placebo.

The anti-radical activity of the active was also measured by the company and it was concluded that the material's anti-radical activity contributed to the limitation of cellulite.

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