Anticellulite Combo of Coriander and Sweet Orange


Silab has combined the fruits of coriander and sweet orange in a cosmetic ingredient to reduce hard cellulite. Affiness (INCI: Not Provided) is said to slim the body by reducing bulk storage of lipid droplets in the adipocytes. According to the company, cellulite can be caused by the bulk storage of lipids in adipocytes, or by a slowing of lipolysis activity, which reduces the elimination of lipids stored in the adipose cells.

This active is designed to address cellulite and lipid storage through two mechanisms. First, the active activates lipolysis, favoring the elimination of fats stored in the adipose cells. Then, the active reportedly reduces lipid transport and storage by inhibiting the synthesis of fatty acid transport protein-4 and caveolin-1 proteins, limiting the internalization and metabolism of new fatty acids in the adipocytes.

Treatment with the active is said to result in improved skin tone, the elimination of dimpling and a remodeled silhouette. It is recommended for slimming and anticellulite body care products.

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