Defending Skin from Free Radicals with Myrtle

Silab defends the skin from free radicals with the latest addition to its organic line. It is well known that free radicals lead to premature skin. Desoxine Bio (INCI: Not Provided) is a purified form of Myrtus communis (myrtle) that reinforces skin protection by stimulating the skin's defenses against free radicals.

The ingredient is said to boost the skin's natural antioxidant defense system. In vitro testing conducted by the company found that 1% of the ingredient lead to a 66% recovery of glutathione concentration on human fibroblasts subjected to chemical aggression by HX-XO. The company also reported that the ingredient limits the impact of oxidative stress on the skin. At 1%, the ingredient protected 70% of human keratinocytes and 60% of human fibroblasts from free radicals induced by an HX-XO.

In addition to protecting the dermis and epidermis from free radicals, the ingredient also limits the formation of lipoperoxides. At 3% in an emulsion, the ingredient limits the formation of lipoperoxides induced by the application of a patch of methyl nicotinate by 16.2%.

The ingredient is certified by Ecocert as organic with 99.70% of its materials being of natural origin. The ingredient is recommended for all protective or detoxifying care products.

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