Can't 'Beet' DuPont's Latest Ingredient

© 2017 - picture courtesy of DuPont
© 2017 - picture courtesy of DuPont

DuPont launched GENENCARE OSMS MI (INCI: Inositol), which is a natural active ingredient for personal care applications. The ingredient helps protect and energize the skin to stay healthy with water and oxygen.

The ingredient is an osmolyte, which regulates water balance within skin cells and prevents damage from heat and UV radiation. Additionally, the moisturizing, vitamin-like ingredient is purified myo-inositol.

“We’re excited to make available the new GENENCARE OSMS MI to DuPont customers,” said Piera Pericu, global personal care segment leader within Home and Personal Care division. “Our entire GENENCARE line helps to unlock nature’s secrets and apply the power of natural active ingredients to create products that consumers will love.”

In vivo and in vitro tests show how skin tonicity improves with the ingredient. GENENCARE OSMS MI is a precursor molecule for cell messengers and is proven to increase the skin cell metabolism—consuming oxygen and increasing energy levels.

Derived from non-GMO sugar beets, GENENCARE OSMS is qualified as 100% plant-based in origin and carries Ecocert, Cosmos and NaTrue certifications.

The company will be featuring this ingredient in-cosmetics Global in April 2017, providing information on the GENENCARE portfolio and traditional skin care rituals.

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