Sea Buckthorn in Personal Care

Sea Buckthorn is a plant with small orange berries that can be found in the mountainous areas of Russia and China, as well as in more and more personal care products.

The plant prevents soil erosion, while the berries historically have been used in juices, pies and jams, as well as medicines. Aubrey Organics was one of the first companies to use sea buckthorn in skin care. Back in 1999, the use of sea buckthorn as a cosmetic ingredient was rare. Based upon its initial innovation, Aubrey Organics developed an entire range of sea buckthorn skin care products in 1999. Fast-forwarding seven years, the use of sea buckthorn in personal care products has increased drastically. The Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD), along with Cosmetic Research, shows that the ingredient is now being used in many cosmetic products including skin care, hair care, deodorants and bath products.

One reason for the increase in sea buckthorn use is the recent upswing of consumers who are interested in natural products. This boom has inevitably led to an increased demand for innovative natural products in the personal care category. The search for natural antioxidants brought researchers to sea buckthorn since it high in vitamin C. Sea buckthorn has been described as rejuvenating and restorative, with reported antiaging benefits.

L'Òme Selon Durance En Provence Déodorant a l'Extrait d'Angousier is a deodorant incorporating sea buckthorn extract that recently was launched in France. Sea buckthorn was chosen for use in this product because the berries are reportedly rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, and they are protective, regenerative and serve as antioxidants.

Laverana also has touted the benefits of sea buckthorn. Lavera Body Spa’s new range features an orange and sea buckthorn variety. This product is described as vegan, free from SLS and parabens, and made from certified organic ingredients. This shower and bath gel provides a means to relax guilt-free because it is vegan and not tested on animals.

Another company that has discovered the power of sea buckthorn is Terre d’Oc Creations. The company has launched Terre d’Oc Fruity Foam Face Makeup Remover, another certified organic product from France. It is unique because it is a fruity makeup remover that contains the oils and extracts of many fruits, including: pear, passion fruit, lemon, peach, apricot, almond, sea buckthorn and jujube. Sea buckthorn oil was chosen for inclusion based on its restoration abilities and because it is rich in vitamins C and E.

Julisis Gold Energy Shower Gel was created for consumers who want to pamper themselves with such ingredients as sea buckthorn and liquid gold. Julisis especially recommends using the shower gel in post-surgical body care.

Dry, damaged hair can be cared for using Dr. Hauschka Apricot & Sea Buckthorn Shampoo. Sea buckthorn is said to provide intensive care for dry hair, while horsetail, burdock root, and fenugreek are used for strengthening and revitalizing the scalp.

Sea buckthorn has even emerged in body care in Israel. Global Trade Vision’s new product, Style Aloe-Vera Gel + Sea Buckthorn Oil, now can be purchased from retailers in that region. The product is said to soothe and heal scalded or sunburned skin. It is a strong pairing with aloe vera, known for its strong healing attributes.

 As many companies are discovering, sea buckthorn has many benefits and can be used in various personal care and cosmetic categories.

The Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) tracks new product launches, trends and innovations internationally. The Mintel Cosmetic Research Database tracks mass market and luxury cosmetic innovations in France and the United States. For additional information regarding either Mintel GNPD or Mintel Cosmetic Research, visit or call Mintel International at 312-932-0600.

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