Caffeine Surfaces in Hair and Skin Care

Caffeine is known as the ultimate pick-me-up in many beverages. It is a xanthine alkaloid compound that acts as a stimulant in humans when consumed. However, it is found to also have some strong stimulating properties in skin care. Caffeine is said to block damaging enzymes and increase blood flow, depending upon the combination of product elements.

From eye creams to innovative hair care products, caffeine continues to boost its profile within the personal care industry. Thought of as a key element in some firming and tightening products, caffeine has been identified by the Mintel Global New Products Database as appearing in several recent product introductions.

As a cellulite-combatant, caffeine is debated in some circles. Some believe that it is not as effective at fighting the bulge, but many companies continue to stand behind this claim. In Switzerland, Mibelle has launched Sea Pearls Body Perfect Beurre Raffermissant, a firming body cream. The product is composed of caffeine and blue algae. It claims to be formulated for dry skin, making skin softer and more flexible. Caffeine is added with the claim to reduce the appearance of cellulite while smoothing and moisturizing the skin.

In India, L’Orèal Body-Expertise Sculpt Up Tightening and Re-Sculpting Body Gel infuses caffeine in the product to help make skin smooth and firmer, working to contour and tighten the stomach and buttock regions. In the product, caffeine is also positioned as a key cellulite-battling agent.

From revitalizing the body to the face, Shu Uemura in Japan has premiered a new eye cream that features caffeine as a rejuvenating element. Ace Beta-G Eye Cream is an eye cream with beta-glucane, jasmine extract and vitamin E. The elements are microencapsulated to ensure delivery to the sensitive skin around the eyes, aiding in alleviating puffiness and swelling.

In France, Estée Lauder has introduced Re-Nutriv Serum Revitalisant Comfort Extreme, a barrier-repairing product. Formulated for dry and delicate skin, the product helps skin rebuild its vital protective layer with the company’s exclusive “barrier repair” technology. The product blends caffeine with rare Chinese herbs and nourishing lipids reportedly to help revitalize the skin’s appearance.

Caffeine has also found its way into shampoos designed to prevent hair loss. Mibelle, under the Bircal brand, has introduced Koffein Tonikum Caffeine Anti-Hairloss Tonic in Switzerland. The product claims to prevent hair loss with its caffeine formula, combining active substances to support the initial growth of new hair. According to the manufacturer, regular use has proved to increase hair density.

In Germany, Dr. Wolff-Forschung has launched a new product in hair care as well. Under the Alpecin brand the company has introduced Doppel Effekt, a double-effect shampoo to combat both dandruff and hair loss. It contains a caffeine complex and is said to be the first shampoo in the world to fight both dandruff and hair loss at the same time. It is expected that more hair products will continue to infuse caffeine in new ways.

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