Featured Ingredient: Algae

Atrium Biotechnologies introduces four new ingredients that use algae to protect skin from four of its largest challenges. Homeosta-sea, according to the company, is the marine solution for skin homeostasis. Included in the Homeosta-sea line are four ingredients: Homeo-Shield, Homeo-Age, Homeoxy and Homeo-Soothe.

Homeo-Shield (INCI: Enteromorpha compressa extract (and) Palmaria palmata extract (and) sorbitol (and) water (aqua)) is formulated with brown alga extracted from the Atlantic Ocean. The ingredient reportedly promotes cornified envelop maturation and thus improves the skin barrier function for protection against external influence and excessive water loss.

Similarly to Homeo-Shield, Homeo-Age (INCI: Acsophyllum nodosum extract (and) sorbitol (and) water (aqua)) is also derived from brown alga. According to the company, the ingredient stimulates cell growth and rejuvenates skin cells at the molecular level to act as an antiaging active.

Homeoxy (INCI: Fucus serratus extract and glycerol) is derived from two types of algae known for their vitamin B content. The ingredient offers free radical scavenging activity to prevent age-related metabolic defects and UV-induced skin damage.

The last of Atrium's sea products is Homeo-Soothe (INCI: Acsophyllum nodosum extract (and) sorbitol (and) water (aqua)). The ingredient is created with the extract of brown seaweed. According to the company, Homeo-soothe reduces the inflammatory response and protects the skin against the environment.


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