Kesum, Gelam Essential Oils for Flavor, Medicinal Purposes

The kesum plant and gelam tree, which are found in Malaysia, may have commercial potential to produce essential oils, according to Jim Gobert, technical and commercial director of Australian-based Unifect International Pty Ltd., as featured by

Research conducted by the company claims that essential oil from kesum plants can be used as a flavoring. Gobert also said in the report that the company now is surveying the potential of plants and trees in Malaysia, particularly in Sabah, to be processed as natural ingredients for various applications.

Oil from the gelam tree was said to contain nutrients similar to those found in Melaleuca alternifolia (tea) trees, which are found in abundance in Australia. Tea tree oil is used in personal care applications and, said the report, as an ingredient in medicines to prevent infection of wounds and to cure diseases caused by fungus such as athlete’s foot.

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