Indena and Kanebo Present Olive Fruit Extract

An olive fruit extract that will help keep skin looking beautiful, as well as healthy inside and out, has been studied jointly by the Italian company Indena and the Japanese Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. Five years of co-research and close cooperation reportedly have brought about the development and commercialization of Opextan (INCI: Olea europaea (olive) fruit extract).

"We are proud of our long-term collaboration with Kanebo Cosmetics. Both companies have shared their expertise to achieve the success of this novel ingredient," said Christian Artaria, Indena's marketing director, in a press statement. According to the companies, the olive varieties were screened and selected by Indena, whose botanists chose the best harvesting period and methods to ensure high levels of verbascoside and other polyphenols.

Indena also managed the process of industrialization, whilst the final efficacy trials were conducted by Kanebo Cosmetics. "Preclinical and clinical evidence of its free radical scavenging capacity was obtained successfully in our laboratories," said Takeshi Ikemoto, Ph.D., manager for the Kanebo R&D. "The link between skin dryness and blood glucose levels, also balanced by Opextan, was investigated together with Japanese researchers in the Tohoku University, Miyagi."

One of the most characteristic olive polyphenols, verbascoside, reportedly has been used as the reference compound in the manufacture of the ingredient. According to the companies, it exerts a free radical scavenging activity that has a direct impact on skin health, preventing oxidative damage associated with wrinkle formation, skin thinning and dehydration.

Patents have been filed jointly by Indena and Kanebo Cosmetics, which claim the activity of the novel composition on UV damage and wrinkle formation. Additionally, the product is recommended for use in hair tonic. Indena will promote the ingredient worldwide, apart from in Japan, where it is already marketed under the newly launched cosmetic and supplement line "Bella Vita."

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