Engelhard Launches Novel Technology for a Faster, Tanned Look

Engelhard Quicksun Clear and Quicksun Matte extracts for fair-to-dark complexions respectively, are gels that boost golden “tans” without the dangers associated with sun exposure. Tan intensity is adjustable according to the number of applications while skin stays well-moisturized.



"Sun-care products have a stronghold in the beauty market because of a general trend to associate tanned, smooth skin with good health, happiness and even power," said Bethsabee Coutaz, Engelhard's marketing manager, personal care materials. "Our Quicksun product line is exciting and unique. As a fast-acting, pleasure cosmetic, it offers users many important advantages and fun choices to incorporate into their skin care regimens."



The special ingredients in Quicksun Clear, including chicory and muirapuima plant extracts, impart a light golden tan look to fair skin, while components in Quicksun Matte, including chicory and gymnema plant extracts, leave skin with a rich darker glow. Quicksun can be removed with water.



These gels are not self-tanners and do not contain a sunscreen. For more information, visit Engelhard at www.engelhard.com.



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