A Daily Deo-care for the Comfort of the Underarms

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Understanding the odor-generating mechanisms

From a physiological point of view, perspiration is a natural process that regulates body temperature via the secretion of sweat. Sweat is odorless when it is secreted because its constituent molecules themselves are odorless. Among the broad diversity of bacteria composing the cutaneous microbiota, some species, such as Staphylococcus hominis and Cutibacterium avidum, stand out for their ability to transform odorless secretions into volatile odor products. This odor-generating property results from the ability of these bacteria to metabolize compounds in sweat thanks to specific enzymatic activities such as the C-S lyase.

In this context, SILAB developed an original modeling study that demonstrated an increased abundance and a higher enzymatic activity of Staphylococcus hominis strains sampled from the axillary microbiota of malodorous volunteers subjected to physical activity, compared to a non-odorous panel.

Double performance against odors and axillary irritation

In response to this problem, SILAB developed DEOLYA®, a natural active ingredient that limits the excessive abundance of S. hominis in the axillary cutaneous microbiota and targets the enzymatic activity of this bacterial species. The active ingredient thus has a significant action on the source of perspiration odors while leaving the microbial diversity of this skin zone unaffected.

Tested in a Caucasian panel of both sexes participating in a physical activity, DEOLYA® reduces perspiration odors by 58% as of the first application. This deodorant efficacy, assessed by an olfactory evaluation from an expert panel qualified in sensorial measurement, is confirmed at the molecular level by a significant 76.3% reduction of the malodorous 3M3SH thiols. These effects are also observed after 7 days of daily use and without having applied the deodorant DEOLYA® in the morning before the physical activity session, underlining the immediate and long-term effect of the deodorant.

At the same time, DEOLYA® reduces inflammation, thus significantly decreasing the frequency of unpleasant underarm sensations appearance, daily but also after shaving or epilation (after 28 days of use). In addition, the active ingredient strengthens the barrier function, resulting in vivo in an improvement of Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) of underarm skin.

A French, organic-certified supply

For this development, SILAB conducted a screening of 150 candidates. Assessment of the candidates’ ability to inhibit the enzymatic activity responsible for thiols generation and their soothing potential led to the selection of meadowsweet extract. Its richness in tellimagrandin-type ellagitannins and proanthocyanidols gives DEOLYA® its unique polyphenolic profile. Obtained from French suppliers certified for organic agriculture and traced back to the harvest site, this raw material complies with SILAB’s criteria for traceability and sustainability.


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