Decoding the skin-mind connection with AnnonaSense CLR™

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CLR presents new test results for AnnonaSense CLR™ showing it is the first cosmetic active ingredient with real clinical proof for positively influencing the entire skin-brain feedback loop.

In a world that often overwhelms us with a constant flood of information and new developments, the need for stress relief and relaxation is high. Skin and mind are closely connected. If our skin is in balance, we feel good in our skin in the truest sense of the word. But everyday stress and external circumstances can quickly become a challenge, be it through lack of sleep, psychological stress, weather conditions, pollution, UV radiation or shaving.

The way we feel, emotionally, has great impact on virtually all biological processes in our body. When we are stressed, the stress hormone cortisol is triggered by our body’s adrenal glands. Cortisol has a strong negative impact on skin health. Unhealthy skin is more sensitive and has a less attractive appearance. When skin is sensitive and unattractive, we feel bad about it. A vicious cycle is created which many consumers suffer from.

Can an active ingredient break this vicious circle and really make a difference – for skin and mind?

To assess whether AnnonaSense CLR™ can really make a difference for the consumer, a new study was conducted by CLR on a total of 117 volunteers with sensitive skin and/or a stressful life (e.g. healthcare workers).

Some of the volunteers applied a cream containing AnnonaSense CLR,™ another group applied the same formulation without AnnonaSense CLR™ (placebo) and a third part applied the placebo and combined this with a facial massage which was expected to have a large impact on skin and wellbeing.

The study clearly showed that AnnonaSense CLR™ has a strong influence on the entire skin-brain feedback loop. It perceivably improves the look and comfort of skin and it reduces psychological stress and improves quality of sleep. Importantly, AnnonaSense CLR™ reduces the production of cortisol inside the body and, lastly and making this loop complete, it acts against the negative effects of systemic cortisol of skin by improving skin health.

AnnonaSense CLR™ is a natural and upcycled ingredient. It is obtained from Annona cherimola, common name Cherimoya, an edible fruit originating from South America. In Spain, the cherimoya fruit is cultivated for the food industry. As the cherimoya fruit is very sensitive, many fruits are not suitable for the food industry and remain unused. In cooperation with local farmers, CLR uses these crop losses to produce a highly effective adaptogenic cosmetic ingredient.        


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