Three unique anti-aging skin care active ingredients ICHIMARU 2023

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Three Unique Anti-aging Skin Care Active Ingredients ICHIMARU 2023

ICHIMARU PHARCOS has developed unique approaches in active ingredients, such as plant-derived proteoglycan, large HA retention and oral biofilm. Here are three natural plant-based active ingredients with original research and profound efficacies we recommend for new anti-aging cosmetics.

VeganProteoglycan is our successfully developed and manufactured plant-derived proteoglycan, sourced from a Ghatti tree. It helps maintain the skin structure by cell activation.

  • Plant-based proteoglycan;
  • Increase collagen density;
  • Reduction of wrinkles.

HyaluGuard is expected to protect Hyaluronic Acid (HA) from breakdown by inhibiting HYBID, a HA degradation enzyme. The ingredient increases the moisture content of the skin and reduces wrinkles and skin sagging.

  • Protection of hyaluronic acid (HA) from degradation;
  • Reduction of skin sagging;
  • Increase in moisture content.

MILLTECT is proven to inhibit biofilm formation (dental plaque) and shows stronger inhibition of bacterial adsorption with the combination of antimicrobial agents (CPC, IPMP, etc).

  • Inhibition of bacterial adhesion to teeth;
  • Prevention of biofilm formation;
  • Prevention of bad breath.

These ingredients are COSMOS APPROVED and registered in China IECIC 2021. Please contact us for samples and further information.

ICHIMARU PHARCOS will introduce these anti-aging active ingredients at the in-cosmetics Asia 2023 Exhibition. Please visit us at stand #Q60

Dr. Kazal Boron Biswas, HyaluGuard's development manager, will also be speaking in the seminar. 9-Nov-23 10:30 - 11:00


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