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The state of our skin is intimately linked to our mind and well-being. Emotional stress has a direct impact and its mechanisms can lead to sensitive skin, causing the individual to experience discomfort or pain. Moreover, unpleasant sensations can badly affect comfort and well-being.

Recently, the Seppic R&I team developed an innovative wellness approach to ensure the protection of the skin from emotional stress damage. It combines the results of different studies, demonstrating the 3-in-1 action of SEPIBLISS™ FEEL (INCI: Coriandrum Sativum (Coriander) Seed Oil).

The active ingredient draws its benefits from coriander, focusing on happiness molecules, stressed keratinocytes and neuronal extensions. It showcases its full implication on the mechanisms of emotional stress.

Moreover, as the sensation and state of well-being generated by a product is as important as traditional in vivo measurements, sensory and emotional evaluations were carried out.

A 3-in-1 action proved thanks to in vitro tests

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Figure 1: In vitro tests measuring the properties of SEPIBLISS™ FEEL found it achieved an acupuncture-like effect.

First, a unique in vitro protocol was developed to demonstrate that SEPIBLISS™ FEEL achieves the same benefits as acupuncture. This consisted of measuring the release of nitric oxide, an emotional stress marker produced by keratinocytes over‐expressing stress markers after exposure to CRH (Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone).

On one culture of keratinocytes, an acupuncture treatment with real needles was applied; on another, 0.001% of SEPIBLISS™ FEEL was added. Comparing the production of nitric oxide demonstrated that SEPIBLISS™ FEEL acts like acupuncture by reducing nitric oxide in keratinocytes.

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Figure 2: In vitro tests measuring the properties of SEPIBLISS™ FEEL to protect happiness molecules.

A second test was performed by measuring the production and release of happiness molecules, such as oxytocin and β-endorphins, by cutaneous cells exposed to stress with the addition of cortisol. This demonstrated that levels of happiness molecules were maintained when treated with SEPIBLISS™ FEEL; hence, it protects happiness molecules from emotional stress and is directly linked to the generation of a feel-good action in skin cells.

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Figure 3: In vitro tests measuring the properties of SEPIBLISS™ FEEL to protect neuronal extensions.

Finally, by assessing a measurement of neuronal extension – while having a cortisol stress applied on a co-culture of keratinocytes and neurons, with and without SEPIBLISS™ FEEL – it was proven that SEPIBLISS™ FEEL has a high protective effect on neuronal extensions. As a matter of fact, it also decreases the reactivity of the skin and thereby ensures skin comfort enhancement.

Student’s t-test: * p<0.05 / ** p<0.01 /*** p<0.001

Consumer experience with sensory and emotional evaluation

A double blinded study also was conducted on two groups of 31 volunteers with a dry-to-mixed dry skin type on the face presenting sensitive skin. Each group received either the placebo formula or the formula containing SEPIBLISS™ FEEL at 1%.

After applying it twice daily to clean and dry skin on the whole face for 28 days, volunteers were asked an open question: “What do you think of the product you just used?“ 

The statistical analysis of the verbatims conducted by a neuroscience expert and by self-evaluation on the feeling of well-being proved that only the formula containing SEPIBLISS™ FEEL at 1% provided comfort, soothed and nourished the skin, and provided a well-being sensation better than the placebo.

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Figure 4: In vivo tests attesting the feel-good sensation of SEPIBLISS™ FEEL.

Through different in vitro studies it was proven that SEPIBLISS™ FEEL has a unique acupuncture-like effect, protects happiness molecules and decreases sensitivity for skin comfort enhancement. Moreover, in vivo studies showed it has a feel-good sensation.

SEPIBLISS™ FEEL is the natural oil from coriander seeds that acts both on skin and mind for holistic beauty products.


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