Skin Immunity: how to preserve it with cosmetics? Download the slide deck

Seppic Ct2301 Lead

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed consumers' attitudes toward health and wellness, putting immunity in the spotlight like never before. With skin being the body’s largest organ and the first line of defense from external aggressors, the term skinmunity (i.e., skin immunity) emerged during the pandemic, highlighting the need for immunity support in skin care.

Although immunity-related claims in facial care are still very niche, accounting for 1.3% of all facial care launches(1), they have the chance to grow if immunity-focused beauty innovations bring substantiation and explanation proven by science.

Today, most cosmetic products defer to an enhancement of the skin's protective barrier to block external agents. However, the skin is a complex organ and its biomolecules, structure, physico-chemical properties and immune and non-immune cells all act together to form the skin’s innate immune system. Ultimately, the correct operation and equilibrium of these elements guarantee skin homeostasis.

As a supplier of raw materials, Seppic offers a wide range of cosmetic active and excipient ingredients mainly dedicated to skin care. With strong expertise in skin biology, Seppic aims to share its knowledge to elaborate new concepts in cutaneous biology.

For example, to help brands create immunity-focused beauty products, Seppic has created a slide deck that reviews the principles of skin immunity and shows how to preserve skin immunity with cosmetics.

Download and discover, through this slide deck:

  • Brief definitions around immunity
  • Six biological axes to preserve skin immunity with dedicated ingredients and claims.

*Mintel GNPD, from March 2021 to February 2022


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