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Coast SouthwestTM, a leader in new ingredient technology, presents Kisolite® BMP Biogenic Mineral Powder, a highly versatile mineral-rich clay powder of natural origin.

Over 10,000 years ago, near-pristine Kisameet Bay, the Heiltsuk people discovered a unique clay-like mineral with healing properties. Near the coast of British Columbia, the lush rainforest surrounds and covers the mineral deposit, protecting it from contaminants and marine or industrial waste.

Kisolite® BMP Biogenic Mineral Powder is an extraordinary ingredient that provides an abundant source of micro-and macro-minerals that are proven to be essential for oxygenation, hydration, regulation, and regeneration of epithelial cells, and are key to maintaining the balance of the skin’s microbiome. The unique physical properties of Kisolite® BMP strengthen the skin’s barrier while maintaining pH balance. 

Rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, silicon, and zinc, this one-of-a-kind mineral resource is processed into a revolutionary homogenous powder without the use of harmful chemicals, making it a valuable multi-functional ingredient for skin wellness and personal care products.

Seeking a high-performing, clean ingredient that will satisfy even the savviest modern consumer’s desire to detoxify and soothe the skin? Look no further. Kisolite® BMP adheres to the increasingly popular clean label, simultaneously offering high functionality, visible results, and ease of use for formulators and chemists.

Kisolite® BMP is:

  • Paraben-free (no additives)
  • Neutral pH when hydrated
  • Natural mineral astringent
  • Animal and cruelty-free
  • Soothing emollient
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Exfoliative

This rare and ancient elemental resource is now available as a multi-application ingredient for topical skin formulations, including soaps, facial masks, body lotions, lip balms, salves, bath bombs, spa applications, and non-medicinal skin care.

Discover how Coast Southwest’s resourceful applications team can help elevate your products using this extraordinary ingredient. Our technical expertise coupled with our extensive ingredient portfolio can help you save time, streamline efforts, and formulate breakthrough products.

Request our Kisolite® BMP co-create box and we will send you a sample of this mineral-rich clay powder, and a few of our transformative personal care formulas to experiment with. You’ll also receive samples of finished products formulated with Kisolite® BMP, including our Glacial Clay Mineral Face Mask and our Mineral Bath Bomb.

Request your Kisolite® BMP co-create box today.

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