Plankton Body Slimming

Lipotec has developed a marine-derived ingredient produced by a microorganism inhabiting Bermuda (Bacillus sp.) for increased metabolism and body-slimming effects. Actigym (INCI: Glycerin (and) Water (aqua) (and) Plankton Extract) is part of Lipotec's Biointec blue technology brand. The ingredient is designed to mimic the effects of endurance training to improve body definition and redefine areas sensitive to sagging, due to aging or inactivity. The ingredient has been shown to release the protein adiponectin from adipose tissue, which also is released under aerobic training conditions and signals the skeletal muscle to enhance metabolism of tonic fibers (type I) and their mitochondrial activity.

To measure the body toning activity of Actigym, an in vivo test was performed on a selected panel of female volunteers, ages 35-50, having sedentary life styles. The panel was divided into three different groups. The first group used a cream containing 5% of the active ingredient on the arms, abdomen and thighs for 56 days. The second group combined the treatment with standardized exercise, i.e., working out with a personal trainer twice a week. The third group completed the same exercise while applying a placebo cream. After 28 days, volunteers in group one saw reductions of up to 2.8 cm in abdomen contours and up to 2.9 cm in the thighs after 56 days of treatment. This trend was also evident in arms. In the second group, results were even more impressive (data not provided).

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