Refreshing good sleep with iPeptide™


Deep sleep is the best way to recover from a long day. A recent survey revealed that on average 51% of adults are unsatisfied with their sleep.

Sleep deprivation is associated with chronic low-grade inflammation, oxidative stress, impaired immune response, reduction of melatonin levels, and higher glucose levels. All of them induce more oxidative stress and inflammation, resulting in hanging eyelids, swollen eyes and dark circles. 

iPeptide™  modulates the exaggerated inflammatory response of the alarmin IL-33, acts melatonin-like and protects skin’s proteins from glycation due to hyperglycemia because of bad quality of sleep. In vivo, it decreased fatigue features, awakened sleepy look and had a local cool effect.

 A 69% of volunteers said that iPeptide™ improved their signs of fatigue.

iPeptide™  is an indispensable ingredient for cosmetics aimed at people who regularly skip sleep as this active is for biohacking sleep to fight fatigue signs.


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