The treasure of Gabès oasis to treat acneic skin


ACNESIUM® is the second natural active ingredient from SILAB Softcare, SILAB’s department dedicated to compromised skin. Developed to prevent the clinical signs of slight to moderate acne in adults, it is obtained from pomegranates’ pericarps (Punica granatum) sourced from the Tunisian Gabès Oasis. Innovative in vitro and in vivo models led to the development of this active capable of restoring the homeostasis of acneic skin by targeting its four principal abnormalities:

  • Colonization by C. acnes is limited by reducing bacterial proliferation, quorum sensing activity and biofilm formation;
  • Activity of the sebaceous gland is regulated;
  • Inflammation is neutralized by limiting keratinocyte, sebocyte and lymphocyte inflammatory responses;
  • Hyperkeratinization is reduced.

The clinical efficacy of ACNESIUM® is demonstrated under dermatological control in adult Caucasian patients. The GEA score (Global evaluation acne) decreases significantly and the number of lesions is reduced. The patients’ quality of life is improved.



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