Moringa Leaf Phytochemicals for Skin Benefits

The natural personal care market has seen strong growth since 2008, which is projected to continue worldwide.1 To meet consumer demand for natural personal care products, leading brands will continue to develop botanically derived products that can be produced sustainably and organically. Moringa oleifera Lam. has been used for centuries for general well-being, nutrition, healing and skin care.2 Its multi-faceted uses have led to regional monikers including “miracle tree” and “tree for purifying” in the Nile Valley, and “mother’s best friend” in the Philippines.3, 4 Historically, moringa seed oil was used by the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians as skin lotions and perfumes. Today, it is used for skin and hair care.5, 6 However, while the cosmetic industry has employed oil from its seed, which has demonstrated relatively high oxidative stability,7, 8 extracts from the leaves remain an untapped source for enhancing skin health.

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