Lysine Polypeptides for Dandruff Treatment


Dandruff, a common scalp disorder, is considered to be a mild form of seborrhoeic dermatitis but without overt inflammation. It can lead to more severe seborrhoeic dermatitis, pityriasis versicolor and atopic dermatitis.1, 2 Dandruff has a multifactorial etiology, characterized by the lipophilic yeasts of the fungi genus Malassezia spp., sebum production and other factors that affect scalp health, such as environmental stress and hormonal changes.3 Consistent with the importance of Malassezia spp. in the etiology of dandruff is the fact that the most effective treatments for dandruff are antifungal agents, e.g., zinc pyrithione and ketoconazole that are usually applied as shampoos.4 Improvements in flaking also are highly correlated with reductions in the level of Malassezia spp. on the scalp.5

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