A Sunscreen Formulation for Acne-prone Skin

Knowledge of skin biology and the chemistry of UV filters and formulations has improved dramatically in the last 20 years, enabling cosmetic chemists to formulate unique and effective sunscreen products and delivery systems. Moreover, efficacy testing methods for these products have become almost standardized worldwide, even though the United States and the European Union may differ in the protocols they use for these methods.

Thus in normal skin, sunscreen formulations can be applied topically to reduce the negative effects of sun exposure. However, for various reasons, they are inadequate or inappropriate in the case of acne-prone skin.

Many of the numerous conditions that contribute to acne are actually accentuated during the summer months when exposure to sunlight is maximized. Thus, how can sunscreen products be formulated and used in a way that maximizes their acne-control benefits in the setting of acne-prone skin? One answer lies in a uniquely formulated sunscreen product intended to exhibit activity on acne in skin. The benefits are demonstrated in clinical studies reported in this article.

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