Protecting Against UV-induced Degradation and Enhancing Shine

Healthy, shiny hair starts with proper protection and care. Unfortunately, hair is exposed to daily stress and without proper treatment it will become weakened and may appear unhealthy and dull. In a recent nationwide survey conducted in the United States, consumers demonstrated a high awareness to what UV radiation can do to hair; 61% of 1,002 respondents indicated they knew that sun visibly damages their hair.

Artificially colored hair and natural uncolored hair of Asian and Caucasian origin are susceptible to fading upon prolonged exposure to UV radiation. Polysilicone-15a has been shown to reduce such fading. The integrity of hair was shown to be affected by exposure to UV radiation as demonstrated in one study in which the content of amino acids such as cysteine and tryptophane present in hair were protected against UV-induced degradation.

In this paper, we will explore two additional effects of polysilicone-15 on hair: hair combability and hair thermal stability via Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). These measurements demonstrate the structural damage of hair caused by UV radiation and how polysilicone-15 can help to protect the hair against this damage.

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