SCC CEP: Basic Hair Science

Oct 11th, 2016
Oct 11th, 2016
Woodridge, IL USA
North America
By: Roger L. McMullen, Ph.D. Starting with a brief review of hair biology, this course is a detailed look at the science of hair. The first part of the program takes a deep dive into what makes hair, hair and measuring hair properties. Which leads us to hair treatments, environmental exposure and mechanisms of processing the hair as well as how these affect hair structure. The program is designed for cosmetic chemists, product developers, marketers, raw material suppliers, trainers and others should find the material highly applicable and appropriate to their interests. Listed below are the topics covered in the tutorial • Hair biology • Hair morphology and fine structure • Technologies to measure physical and chemical phenomena in hair • Optical properties of hair • Hair volume and its relation to hair body • Hair conditioning • Hair fixative and styling • Changes in hair structure caused by chemical treatments • Color chemistry and dyeing of hair • Hair photo-damage • Investigation of physicochemical changes in hair as a result of treatment with formaldehyde and thermal styling devices
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