13th International Sun Protection Conference

Jun 9th, 2015
Jun 10th, 2015
The building blocks defined in the late 20th century such as SPF and UVA standard tests, new sunscreen actives, greater product efficiency, improved product textures and presentations and more, have created technology platforms that should help us launch the next generation of sun protection products. The general trend towards health and well-being is fundamental to what we are trying to achieve in sun protection. The controversy around vitamin D deficiency and sun exposure has raised serious questions concerning possible over-avoidance of sun and the role of sun protection products, whilst on the other hand skin cancer is increasing even though there is a greater awareness of sun damage to the skin. On top of this, we have questions of safety of sunscreen actives, in particular the oestrogenic characteristics and the implied effects on water ecology. It is clear that the sun care industry must continue to improve products and test methods and that we need to work together with other disciplines to create holistic approaches to sun exposure and protection. There are questions on the quality and quantity of sun protection required; the role of regulations as a driver of change, and the development and application of technology to create even better and new types of products. Invited speakers are yet to be named but internationally known and major contributors in their field.
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