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Patent Pick: Seeing the World Through Rose-colored, Circadian-correcting Glasses

The fantasy world of cotton candy trees and rainbow unicorns may be one step closer to reality. For any nay-sayer who thinks 'wellness' is a bunch of hooey, this patent application will bring things into focus for you.

Patent Pick: Elbowing Out the Microbial Competition

As anyone who's a sibling or has kids knows: there's competition for real estate in the back seat of a car. And it's fierce; pushing, elbowing and crossing imaginary boundaries. Inventors from The State University of New York have applied this struggle to a topical that uses good microbes to drive out unwanted ones from the skin.

Smell That? Neither Do Beiersdorf Researchers

Beiersdorf researchers have developed a deodorant based on polyquaternium-16 that decreased the production of axillary bacteria, in turn reducing malodor. So no, there's nothing to smell here (but innovation).

Sub-Micron Oil Particles Make the Patent Cut

“This technology represents a way forward ... to incorporate functional actives that are not water-soluble into a consumer-desirable product ... in a safe and effective manner,” reports LEI.

Patent Pick: Whipped Cream and Mousse Dreams

We're bubbled over with excitement for L'Oréal's discovery that encapsulated bubbles can remain stable in solution. They may use it for hair mousse and more; we're just glad it's in time to top our pumpkin spice lattés.

Beiersdorf-Innoget Expand Technology Innovation Program

The move is part of a larger open innovation program at the company.

How Do Cosmetic Formulas Impact Skin’s Microbiome?

The investigation of skin microbiota under the influence of environmental factors such as cosmetics and from a dynamic perspective has as yet been poorly investigated. Here, metagenomics are used to provide clues.

Taking it Off: Cosmetics Removal Essentially is Decontamination*

To develop effective means to remove cosmetics without damaging skin, it is important to understand the complexities of the decontamination process. Recent findings in this area are described here.

A 'Script' for Aging Skin?

It may be a tough pill to swallow, but a group of university researchers may have stumbled on the ultimate "cure" for sagging and wrinkled skin: a molecule along the Hippo pathway that can be drug-activated.

Massive Study Identifies Genetic Indicators for Skin Cancer Risk

The results of a massive study examining some 7,404 cases of squamous cell carcinoma in skin identified genetic associations with this disease, some for the first time.

Study Proves: Our Age Clocks are Not Synchronized

There's a general consensus that both, gender and race impact aging. Now there's epigenetic evidence to back that consensus, as a new study reveals.

Patent Pick: Immersion SPF

Wet skin-application in sunscreens is the latest and greatest phenomenon in the once-stagnating sun care market. But a new invention is claiming not just wet, but underwater skin application. Is this the next level of expectation?

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