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Fat-Burning Treatments Turn to Microneedles

A novel microneedle skin patch offers a noninvasive alternative to liposuction, according to Columbia University and University of North Carolina researchers. The patch has the potential to treat obesity and diabetes while boosting metabolism.

Patent Pick: Polymer/Surfactant Duo Ends Suspension Suspense

Ingredient fallout at the bottom of a bottle is not typically a benefit outlined in Marketing's product brief. As such, PZ Cussons inventors have made structurally sound moves to leverage polymer/surfactant interactions and put an end to the suspense of suspension.

Partnership Studies Mitochondria to Assess Screen Light Effects on Skin

For those taking in the spirit of Halloween last week, there is an all-too familiar horror to behold … skin damage caused by light from electronic devices. Gattefossé has recognized this skin terror and is teaming up with CYTOO to examine it more closely; via cellular mitochondria.

Comparatively Speaking: Inflammation vs. Allergy

Are you formulating for sensitive skin? Or is it really normal skin undergoing a typical inflammatory response? Where do allergic reactions fit in? In this edition of "Comparatively Speaking," Nava Dayan, Ph.D., explains.

[podcast] CAS9 and CRISPR Technology: Implications for Cosmetics?

"CRISPR, in my mind, is like a molecular GPS. . .People just type in some short array sequence, essentially an address, to find the target. Upon binding to the target, a pair of molecular scissors cuts the DNA and performs a repair to modify the DNA sequence."

Patent Pick: Green Tea Stem Cells Steeped in Skin Benefits

Timing is everything, which has proven to be the case in a new patent application from Unilever. Here, inventors have found that dedifferentiated stem cells from green tea provide unique skin protective benefits.

Patent Pick: Delivering on mRNA's Promise

News about CRISPR and the Cas9 enzyme has permeated nearly every scientific—and even some consumer—communities. But there is one crucial area where these entities have not penetrated to any real appreciable level: the human body. A new patent may fix that.

Patent Pick: Chanel Bets on Biology with Sestrin Activators

Chanel inventors have their eyes on Sestrins as a new target to impart skin benefits. In this patent application, their biological efficacy and a method to screen them are explored.

Patent Pick: In the Heat of Pleasurable Cosmetic Delivery

According to Estée Lauder inventors, personal care manufacturers are heating up the competition for consumer dollars by using heat in cosmetics and personal care experiences. But one particularly chilling roadblock to their development is the need for a portable energy source; as is described here.

Angiopoietin-like 4 from Fatty Tissue to the Skin's Rescue

New findings from the Nanyang Technological Institute in Singapore provide yet another example of derm and medicinal research crossing into the cosmetics realm; here, in a gel patch scar treatment form.

Editor's Note: Discontinuity and Your Inner Innovator

One innovative mash-up has been capturing consumer dollars: multifunctional color cosmetics. Whether fortified with SPF or moisturizing properties, makeup with added benefits is driving color sales. In relation, this month, we've created our own color and sun mash-up.

Breaking Through, Part II: Chemical Ingredient Delivery*

Chemical delivery systems use additional chemicals to introduce ingredients into the skin. This installment concludes our skin delivery series with a discussion on chemical penetration; part one covered physical delivery.

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