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SCC Annual Meeting: Digital Dimensions of Cosmetics

Technology is getting smarter—how might this apply to cosmetics? The SCC Annual Meeting closed with conversation and insight how virtual reality, handheld 3-D scanning and more apply to the industry.

SCC Annual Meeting: Polymicrobial Interactions and a Paradigm Shift

Differences in microflora exist between men and women, those with healthy or psoriatic skin, etc. Rita Colwell, Ph.D., explained how microbial insights affect the cosmetic industry at the SCC Annual Meeting.

SCC Annual Meeting: Skin Gives Us Access to the Brain

Wellness plays a role in the personal care industry—Claudia Aguirre, Ph.D., spoke at the SCC Annual Meeting on touch, wellness marketing claims and how its concepts are affecting the industry.

SCC Annual Meeting: Is CRISPR 'Bad' for Cosmetics?

CRISPR gene editing breakthroughs could make vast changes in cosmetic formulations—Stanley Qi, Ph.D., took the keynote stage at the SCC Annual Meeting to discuss its implications.

Skin Remembers Injuries to Maintain Integrity

Stem cells in the skin have "memories" of previous injuries to help speed along the healing process. Research in Science suggests that this might help understand psoriasis.

Genome Engineering Boosts Synthetic Biology Market

A recent study from MarketsandMarkets shows the United States is leading the synthetic biology market with various key drivers. The market is expected to reach a new growth worth more than $8 billion in the following five years.

When Pollution and Sensitive Skin Meet

Concerns over air pollution's impact on the skin are on the rise. Research in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that skin care formulated with the goal of fighting pollution can make an impact on skin health.

Skin Pigment Genetics is More Complex at the Equator

New research published in Cell presents genetic findings related to skin pigment diversity and complexity, further supporting the trend for customizable skin care.

Comparatively Speaking: Homologous vs. Analogous Polymers

What can we learn from the structure/function differences within a chemical family? In this installment of "Comparatively Speaking," Anthony J. O'Lenick, Jr., illustrates with a closer look at homologous vs. analogous polymers.

When Water is Hard on Eczema

Hard water contains minerals that are tough on the skin, especially those predisposed toward atopic dermatitis. Recent research in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology looked into how hard water affects the skin barrier.

Survey of Skin Research Findings

Cosmetic science has outdone itself this year, with breakthroughs not just emerging, but rolling out in actual applications. Following is a brief literature review of recent skin care findings.

Industry Insight: CAS9 and CRISPR Technology, Implications for Cosmetics?

In this excerpt, adapted from our podcast, Stanley Qi, Ph.D., explains what the CRISPR gene editing technology is and its potential benefit to cosmetics.

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