2010 Fragrance Trends Published to Assist Formulators

April 9, 2010 | Contact Author | By: Katie Schaefer
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Title: 2010 Fragrance Trends Published to Assist Formulators
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Bell Flavors and Fragrances predicted the10 top fragrance trends for 2010. These fragrances can be used by formulators to develop on-trend personal care products.

The top ten notes/accords are:

  • grapefruit rhubarb rose (youthful);
  • seashore driftwood (androgynous);
  • white amber/patchouli (shocking);
  • mahogany vetiver (relaxed traditional);
  • absinthe (provocative)
  • mandarin/orange blossom (simplistically fashionable);
  • mojito (planned simplicity);
  • woody iris (realism);
  • satin wood (transparent fashion); and 
  • szechwan pepper (bold accents).

The company's selection process when choosing the following trends included sample tracking, trend scouting and compilation of trends from external sources. Fragrance trends were developed on the basis of trends in fashion, art, color, politics and entertainment.