Sunscreen Formulation and Testing

May 6, 2003 | Contact Author | By: Michael Caswell, PhD, C.B. Fleet and Central Virginia COmmunity CollegeC
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Title: Sunscreen Formulation and Testing
sunscreenx SPF testingx sunscreen activesx sunscreen active solventsx sunscreen water resistance testingx sunscreen emulsifiersx
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Keywords: sunscreen | SPF testing | sunscreen actives | sunscreen active solvents | sunscreen water resistance testing | sunscreen emulsifiers

Abstract: The author reviews SPF testing methods and sunscreen components (actives, active solvents, water-resistance agents and emulsifiers) that assist the formulator in the art and science of sunscreen formulation.

Sunscreen formulation is both an art and a science. Sunscreens appear to be simply an emulsions system with sunscreen actives included in the formulation. However, this is far from reality. Even a formulator experiences in the development of emulsion systems will experience a myriad of difficulties during sunscreen formulation. This review will be successful if the reader understands that sunscreen formulation is complex and is best left to the experienced artist.