Natural Cherry Powder Exfoliant Launched

April 30, 2009 | By: Katie Schaefer
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Title: Natural Cherry Powder Exfoliant Launched
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Laboratoires Expanscience has launched a natural cherry powder (INCI: Prunus cerasus (bitter cherry) shell powder) exfoliant for skin care. According to the company, the ingredient is produced from the pits of the Montgomery cherry. After the pits are washed with water and brushed, they are dried, crushed and sorted to eliminate kernels. To stave off microorganisms, an electrical elevator and reactor technology is used, which involves vibrating and heating technologies. The pits are then cryogenically ground to obtain a powder for use in face and body products.

The processes chosen avoid the use of synthetic detergents to maintain the naturalness of the ingredient. According to the company, the product washes away impurities and restores radiance to skin while softening it and evening out skin tone. For more information, visit the company's new ingredient-focused Web site.