Guide to Powder Behavior

Guide to Powder Behavior

June 9, 2014 | Contact Author
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Title: Guide to Powder Behavior
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Keywords: powder | behavior | flow | processing

Abstract: Freeman Technology has published a free educational guide, titled An Introduction to Powders.

Specialized in powder characterization, Freeman Technology has published a free educational guide titled, "An Introduction to Powders," which explains how and why powders behave as they do, and how this behavior impacts powder processing and characterization. The booklet is authored by Tim Freeman, managing director of Freeman Technology, and focuses on how the three components of a powder—the particles, surrounding air and any moisture present—interact to define powder behavior. It explores the importance of powder flowability across a range of industrial processes, and explains the significance of operational conditions in the context of powder processing; it also highlights direct correlations between dynamic powder properties and process performance.

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