Color Cosmetic Patent Picks

C&T magazine's technical editor, Bud Brewster, features patents that have recently been approved for color cosmetics and makeup...

Color and Makeup

Avon Products Inc.
Cosmetic composition containing novel fractal particle based gels having improved optical properties
Disclosed are cosmetic compositions in the form of an o/w emulsion comprising a fractal particle-based gel and refractive index matching polymers with respect to at least one of the fractal particles. The composition of the invention provides both optical blurring and skin smoothing effect on the skin.

Chanel Parfums Beaute
Composition for making up the lips
Disclosed is a w/o emulsion in which the fatty phase comprises at least one hydrocarbon oil, at least one first copolymer of ethylene and of propylene and at least one second copolymer of styrene and of at least one olefin other than styrene.

The Procter & Gamble Company
Transfer-resistant makeup removing compositions
The invention relates to a cleansing composition suitable for topical application to human skin, more particularly to an oil-based cleansing composition containing a silicone elastomer gelling agent for removal of makeup from the skin.

Unilever PLC
Single-crystal platy barium sulfate in cosmetic compositions
A cosmetic composition is provided which includes 0.01–10% of single-crystal platy barium sulfate, 0.5–10% of a water-insoluble powdered acrylic polymer in porous particle form and a carrier. The composition has soft focus optics imparting radiance to the applied skin area without excessive shininess or opacity and has excellent skinfeel properties.

Care/makeup compositions comprising a 2-alkylideneaminooxyacetamide compound for stimulating the growth of the hair or eyelashes and/or slowing loss thereof
The invention relates to compositions comprising an effective amount of an oxyacetamide compound intended to care for or make up the hair or eyelashes by increasing their density and/or improving their appearance.

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