Skin Microbiome Manipulation as a Therapeutic Opportunity?


An recent open access article published in the Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal explored where today's science is in terms of skin microbiome manipulation for therapeutic benefits.

According to the article abstract, the possibility of manipulating the human skin microbiome to address skin conditions has opened new paths for therapy. Here, the authors review manipulation strategies ranging from skin microbiome transplantation and over-skin bacteriotherapy, to the use of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics.

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Efforts are summarized ranging from the exchange, manipulation, transplantation or selective application of entities to the skin microbiome. According to the authors, multiple microbial groups have been targeted, as they have proven beneficial for skin health

The authors highlight that transplantation of a complete microbiome or application of single strains demonstrates beneficial therapeutic applications. In addition, they underscore the potential of genetically engineering skin commensals such as Staphylococcus epidermidis or Cutibacterium acnes, to produce and secrete active biotherapeutics.

"Possible biotherapeutics include Fillaggrin, LEKTI, IL-10, anti-inflammatory somatotropin or other growth factors and hormones," they write.

For more information, see the full open access article.

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