Study Finds Skin Rashes Persist Post-COVID-19 Infection


Findings from researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital—presented during the 19th Congress of the European Academy of Dermatologyindicate that some COVID-19 patients show lasting skin problems long after their initial infection has cleared.

The study, according to a report by Open Access Government, reviewed nearly 1,000 cases of patients with skin manifestations of COVID-19. Investigations were carried out in conjuction with dermatologist groups.

Reportedly, rash-like morbilliform (i.e., measles-appearing rashes) and urticarial (i.e., hives) eruptions lasted an average of 4-7 days and up to 28 days for patients with lab-confirmed COVID-19. Papulosquamous eruptions (i.e., scaly papules and plaques) lasted a median of 20 days in lab-confirmed cases, with one confirmed "long hauler" eruption lasting 70 days.

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