Patent Picks— Foam Enhancement, Functionalized Polymers, Modified Sorbitan Siloxanes, Bacterial Cellulose Network and More for Cleansing

Personal care compositions containing functionalized polymers
European Patent Application EP2407148
Publication Date: Jan. 18, 2012
Assignee: Air Products and Chemicals Inc.

The disclosure provides a personal care composition and method for forming the composition wherein the SCC polymer has at least one functionality selected from the group consisting of silicone, hydroxyl and carboxy. Such functionalized SCC polymers can be employed in a wide range of personal care compositions including skin care, body wash, and shampoo and hair treatments, among other personal care products.

Color changing cleansing composition
European Patent EP2277982
Publication Date: Jan. 18, 2012
Assignee: Clariant Finance (BVI) Ltd.

The present application relates to cleansing compositions comprising color changing materials whereby the color materials are encapsulated. One of the most effective methods to prevent spread of communicable disease is through effective personal cleaning, particular through accurate (careful) hand washing. Thorough hand cleaning includes washing for a period of time long enough to ensure elimination of microorganisms and attainment of sanitary conditions. Many soaps and other detergent cleansers can provide the desired levels of hygiene if used correctly. However, these cleansers are usually supplied to the public in bar or liquid form, and people, particularly children, often give only a cursory wash, and therefore do not clean as thoroughly as required to remove dirt, grime and/ or disease causing agents. As such, there is a need to prepare cleaning products that include some sort of indicator for determining how long washing should continue with the product. More particularly, a need currently exists for a cleansing composition that changes color during use for indicating that sufficient time has elapsed and that washing or scrubbing with the product can be stopped. A need exists for a hand soap that indicates a user how much time should be spent washing their hands.

Cleansing compositions including modified sorbitan siloxanes and use thereof
European Patent EP2211995
Publication Date: Jan. 18, 2012
Assignee: Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc.

The present disclosure generally relates to personal care and/or cleansing compositions and wipes. More particularly, the disclosure relates to single phase compositions and wipes for cleansing the skin or hair of a user without the use of a surfactant. To achieve the cleansing effect, a modified sorbitan siloxane is incorporated into the compositions and wipes. Additionally, the modified sorbitan siloxane containing compositions may provide for a perceivable aesthetic feel to the skin or hair.

Wipes have been used in the personal care industry for numerous years, and generally comprise a low surfactant, high water base for cleaning bodily fluids or wiping up menses. In recent years, however, consumers have begun demanding more out of personal care products, including wipes. For example, various wipes have come into the market containing ingredients for soothing skin or containing actives for disinfecting surfaces. Another example of a desired wipe property is the delivery of perceivable consumer aesthetics and/or moisturization. However, many skin benefit agents that provide desired aesthetics and/or moisturization properties are hydrophobic. It has thus proven to be difficult, given the generally high amounts of water and small amounts of surfactants present in typical wet wipe solutions, to incorporate such agents into wipes.

Iodide salts of dimethylaminoethanol fatty acid esters with bacteriostatic, mycostatic, yeaststatic and/or microbicide activity for use in cleansing or purifying formulations
European Patent EP1892236
Publication Date: Jan. 18, 2012
Assignee: Scharper S.p.A.

The present invention relates to agents with bacteriostatic, mycostatic and yeaststatic and/or microbicide activity to be used in purifying or cleansing formulations for the skin, mucosa and ear, and to a process for preparing said agents.

The applicant has now prepared new salts of dimethylaminoethanol fatty acid esters of general formula in which R is a C6-C16 linear or branched alkyl radical, X- = l-, and which, as well as being biocompatible, has bacteriostatic, mycostatic, yeaststatic and/or microbicide activity. In addition to have said properties, these salts are sufficiently water soluble with surfactant properties so that said aqueous solutions, which contain them, form a substantial amount of foam. These salts can hence be advantageously used in purifying or cleansing formulations of the skin, mucosa and the auricle. Therefore a further aspect of the present invention are the said cleansing or sanitizing formulations for the skin, mucosa or ear comprising at least one of said agents with bacteriostatic, mycostatic, yeaststatic and/or microbicide activity.

Personal cleansing compositions comprising a bacterial cellulose network and cationic polymer
United States Patent 8097574
Publication Date: Jan. 17, 2012
Assignee: The Gillette Company

Disclosed is a personal cleansing composition comprising a liquid matrix that is made up of water, 4-30% lathering surfactant and an external structurant. The structurant contains 0.05-0.5% bacterial cellulose network such as a derivatized quaternized hydroxyethyl cellulose ethers, a cellulose ether or a guar gum and 0.005-0.5% cationic polysaccharide polymer such as cationic cellulose derivatives and cationic starch derivatives and mixtures thereof. The particulate material, which is present at 0.1-30% in the composition, is suspended within the liquid matrix, and the composition has a  pH of less than about 7 or less than about 4. Methods of use and making are also provided.

These compositions provide good lathering and readily rinse off without leaving undesirable levels of slimy or filmy hand feel. The particulate materials enhance cleansing and exfoliation as well as provide conditioning benefits without damage or irritation. Formulations having pH less than about 4 are particularly preferable to enable formulation of salicylic acid formulations with the benefits of suspended dispersed phase materials.

Concentrated base for detergent products and products for personal care and hygiene comprising a combination of at least three non-ethoxylated surfactants
US Patent 8097578
Publication Date: Jan. 17, 2012
Assignee: Zschimmer & Schwarz Italiana S.p.A.

The invention relates to a concentrated base, particularly for detergent products and products for personal care and hygiene, comprising a combination of at least three surfactants selected from the group consisting of acylmethyltaurates, alkylamidopropylbetaines, alkyl amphoacetates, alkyl amphodiacetates, alkylsulphoacetates, acyl sarcosinates, acyl lactylates and acyl glutamates.

The viscosity of the concentrated base of the invention can advantageously be adjusted by simple dilution with water to the concentration of use and/or by adding small amounts of electrolytes. Detergent products and products for personal care and hygiene comprising the concentrated base of the invention are also described.

Natural personal cleanser compositions
US Patent 8097573
Publication Date: Jan 17, 2012
Assignee: The Clorox Company

This patent discusses a moisturizing, personal cleansing composition with a limited number of naturally-derived, naturally processed, generally regarded as safe (GRAS), biodegradable ingredients comprising a plurality of oleosomes, an anionic surfactant, a non-ionic surfactant, a lipoaminoacidic surfactant and a humectant.

The personal cleansing composition optionally contains a fragrance, vitamin, essential oil, thickener, exfoliant, preservative, plant extract and other beneficial naturally-derived, naturally processed, GRAS, biodegradable ingredients such as royal jelly. The moisturizing, personal cleansing composition cleanses and moisturizes as well as or better than commercial compositions containing synthetically derived cleansing and moisturizing agents.

Rinse-off personal care compositions
US Patent 8097572
Publication Date: Jan. 17, 2012
Assignee: The Procter & Gamble Company

The present invention relates to a cleanser composition comprising 1-20% fatty acid soap with about 8 to about 16 carbon atoms, 2-20% synthetic surfactant and water. The composition comprises a metal ion in a level no more than a predetermined amount to provide a turbidity no higher than about 9NTU.

Surfactant compounds
US Patent 8097564
Publication Date: Jan. 17, 2012
Assignee: Croda International PLC

Disclosed are oligoesters including residues of alk(en)yl succinic anhydrides and polyols having at least three OH groups, optionally further esterified with fatty acid residues are surfactants which can be used for emulsifiers or similar uses.

The surfactants are usually made from C8 to C30 alk(en)yl succinic anhydride and polyols having at least 4 hydroxyl groups and are particularly of the formula (I): R1—[OR2O(O)C.C(HR3).(HR4)C.C(O)]m—R5 (I), where R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7 and m have defined meanings. The surfactants are useful as emulsifiers, particularly o/w emulsifiers.

Surfactant compositions comprising curved lamellar elements as a visual cue
WIPO Patent Application WO/2012/004132
Publication Date: Jan. 12, 2012
Assignee: Unilever PLC, Unilever NV, Hindustan Unilever Ltd., SA Barnett, CW Jones and AP Parker

This patent discusses a packaged, pourable liquid or gel, surfactant-containing formulation comprising a visual cue, wherein the visual cue comprises a plurality of sheet-like elements of dispersed material, preferably formed from modified poly vinyl alcohol, having opposed surfaces wherein the surfaces of the elements are configured such that when an element is located adjacent with a flat inner surface of the package, the element can only contact the inner surface of the packaging over less than 50% of a surface of the element.

Hair care composition
WIPO Patent Application WO/2012/004126
Publication Date: Jan. 12, 2012
Assignee: Unilever PLC, Unilever NV, Hindustan Unilever Ltd., AM Murray and T-A Pham

This personal care composition comprises a cleaning phase containing a cleansing anionic surfactant that is a salt with an alkyl group from 8 to 14 carbons, an aqueous conditioning gel network with no overall charge or being anionic and a cationic deposition polymer.

The gel network comprises fatty material, a gel network anionic surfactant comprising an alkyl group with from 16 to 30 carbons, cationic surfactant and an active material selected from fragrances, vitamins, sunscreens and cooling agents.

Foam enhancement of fatty acyl glycinate surfactants
US Patent Application 20120009127
Publication Date: Jan. 12, 2012
Assignee: Conopco Inc. and D/B/A Unilever

A personal care cleansing composition is provided that includes a C10-C24 acyl glycinate salt and a dihydroxypropyl quaternary ammonium salt. Most preferred is sodium cocoyl glycinate in combination with dihydroxypropyl trimethyl ammonium chloride. The quaternary ammonium salt enhances foaming properties of the glycinate salt.

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