Sunscreens and Other Products

Modulation of zinc levels and tissue properties: Essentia Biosystems discloses the modulation of zinc levels to improve tissue properties. Methods of altering the properties of tissues were explored by modifying the amount of zinc, which may be in the form of zinc ions, through the use of topical compositions containing one or more zinc-containing components such as salts and/or other zinc compounds or in complexes, particularly zinc acetate. By altering the zinc levels, researchers found they were able to increase or decrease fatty tissue, increase or decrease epidermal thickness, increase elastin content, and prevent or treat gum regression or atrophy.

Also disclosed is the provision of a contact lens coated with a zinc-containing material, to improve vision by increasing elastin content of the lens of the eye through release of zinc ions. Substituted saccharides in cosmetic cleansers: Beiersdorf discloses surfactant-containing cosmetic cleansers with substituted saccharides, especially inulin carbamate. The invention concerns cosmetic or dermatological cleansing compositions that contain one or more saccharide-M-alkyl urethanes and one or more surfactants; cosmetic active substances and additives are included. Saccharides are polyfructosan (Fructan) or inulin, especially inulin carbamate. The compositions can be applied as foams or as impregnation fluids on solid supports for skin and hair. The composition of a cleansing gel is shown in Formula 1.

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