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Givaudan Active Beauty Leads the Way in Skin Microbiome Research

Givaudan Active Beauty
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All human beings are unique and our differences can be seen through physical appearance, but even more from the inside. Billions of microorganisms known as “microbiota” live on the surface of our skin and help to protect its health and wellbeing. The microbiome is as unique and personal to us as our DNA. Its discovery is one of the most revolutionary breakthroughs of the past 10 years for our industry.

At Givaudan Active Beauty, we lead in skin microbiota research thanks to our well-founded expertise and cutting-edge metagenomics tools. We benefit from the avant-gardist vision of our researchers, who have been convinced since the beginning in 2001 that metagenomics could provide a lot of potential to our cosmetics industry. As the only fragrance company with in-house microbiome research capabilities, Givaudan remains committed to making strategic investments that will push the boundaries of scientific innovation to continue leading the microbiome trend.

Whereas many in this field have been working on identifying which kinds of microbiota live in the microbiome, Givaudan’s research goes one step further by exploring which “jobs” the microbiota can do and how they can help us. This forward-thinking approach marks a major milestone in skincare and a key direction for the future.

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In our Applied Microbiomics Centre of Excellence, genetic analysis has no more secrets from us. We are going beyond standard human microbiome analysis, highlighting the uniqueness of each human being.

With over 15 years’ experience in the field of microbiomics, we have built a unique human skin microbiome database, with almost one trillion pieces of information. This unique database is steadily growing, giving us exclusive access an extraordinary understanding of future possibilities.

Active Beauty’s experts continue to craft new solutions in beauty, health and well-being, designed to:

  • #activate the performances of your products while trigger your microbiome intrinsic capabilities;
  • #protect your skin microbiome, to take care of yourself; and
  • #balance the composition of your skin microbiome to enhance your beauty.

For example, we offer Revivyl™, which speeds up skin renewal while protecting the microbiota; Brightenyl™, which is activated by the microbiota to trigger skin brightening and skin tone optimization; and Yogurtene® Balance to balance the composition of the microbiota.

Recently, Active Beauty’s experts have created an innovative concept to inspire our customers about impacts and benefits of skin microbiota. S3D® [Yu] Care will enhance your unique skin microbiome with the promise to deliver a healthier skin. The consumer will empower its uniqueness with S3D® [Yu] Care, a voluptuous cream offering you a delicate cocooning moment.

Givaudan Active Beauty is delighted to lead the way in this fascinating field and build the future of our customers offering more disruptive solutions and new perspective—all backed by solid science.



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