Dubai Cracks Down on Banned Substances in Cosmetics

Dubai Municipality is cracking down on manufacturers and distributors of personal care products containing banned substances linked to cancer, and animal products that violate Islamic beliefs. These substances include arsenic, lead, and jelly or fat produced from swine or dogs.

Companies exporting personal care products into the UAE must obtain a certificate from the approved health authorities in the country of origin and be endorsed by the UAE mission there. In addition, cosmetic manufacturers can obtain certificates from internationally approved laboratories or have products tested and certified by the Dubai Municipality Central Laboratory.

"Manufacturers should ensure that their products do not contain dangerous metals such as mercury, zinc cyanide, lead, chrome and cadmium and preservatives that cause cancer or other problems," said Redha Hassan Salman, head of the municipality's Public Health and Safety Department.

In terms of non-animal products, manufacturers of some health supplements and cosmetic products must obtain a halal certificate from internationally recognized halal bodies certifying that the products are suitable for human consumption in an Islamic country such as the UAE. The certificates should prove the products do not contain animal fat and jellies.

Salman noted that the municipality is looking to eliminate 1,4-dioxane from personal care products and excessive fluoride from oral care products, among other ingredients. Also, the municipality will regulate types of plastic products in packaging, which will reportedly help to crack down on counterfeit or substandard products.

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