<em>Cosmetics & Toiletries</em> R&D Awards

Cosmetics & Toiletries® is pleased to present the Cosmetics &Toiletries R&D Awards, which recognize the latest innovations in personal care. These awards recognize the science behind the final product and allow both suppliers and manufacturers to bring greater exposure to their innovative technology and product launches.

Nominations are reviewed by an esteemed panel of international experts, who select the winners for two categories—Best New Ingredient and Most Creative Application. Each entry is judged not only for its significance to the industry but also for its long-term impact. Eligible entries must be associated with a raw material or finished product launched as of the January prior to the award year.

  • The award for Best New Ingredient will honor one new cosmetic/personal care raw material for its innovative design and/or method of development.
  • The award for Most Creative Application will honor one new finished cosmetic/personal care product for the novelty and craft of its formulation and/or application of a technology.

Cosmetics & Toiletries R&D Awards 2011
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Winners are presented during the annual awards ceremony held at in-cosmetics and are profiled within Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine.

Past R&D Award winners and finalists:


Best New Ingredient

Interpolymer Corp.
video interview with Patrice Heintz


2012 Most Creative Application
Kao Brands Co.
Watch an interview with Eiichi Nishizawa



2010 Technology Award (renamed the R&D Award)

Cosmetics & Toiletries R&D Awards–Asia 2012
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Eligible entries must be associated with a raw material or finished product for the Asian market launched between August 2011 and November 2012. Winners will be announced during In-Cosmetics Asia, to be held November 6–8, 2012, and also will be profiled in Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine.