The Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics

The Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics, a four-book, three volume set by Maison deNavarre, has been updated by the highly respected Mitchell Schlossman of Presperse and KOBO Products Inc. It features the contributions of knowledgeable and accomplished experts from around the world.

Volume I - Basic Science takes you on a trip through the history of cosmetics as well as discusses the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act, claim substantiation, cosmeceuticals, the manufacture of cosmetics and a host of other topics culminating in the most necessary reference volume of your career.

Volume II - Formulating features the contributions of many accomplished experts from topics related to cosmetic products (creams, liquids, powders, ethnic care, pencils and lipsticks) to hair products (growth, straightening, permanent waving, spray, gels, shampoos and conditioners) to nail preparations, tanning products, and bath and shower products as well as packaging development and compatibility/incompatibilities.

Volume III - Ingredients discusses the vast number of materials used, or potentially useful, in cosmetics. A reviewing of more than 70 topics, Ingredients reveals the intricacies in the employment of materials used in today's cosmetics industry - whether it's waxes, marine products, collagen, honey, vitamins, vegetable proteins, antibacterials, microshperes or other ingredients.

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The Chemistry and Manufacturer of Cosmetics

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